Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner Before You Call the Pros

POSTED: 22 Mar, 2023

Is your air conditioner not turning on? Before reaching for the phone to call in one of our experts at Aircool Industries, there are a few quick checks you can perform. These simple steps might save you time and money. Let’s explore three things you can investigate on your own.

  1. Inspect the Switchboard: First things first, head over to your electrical switchboard. Ensure your air conditioner has the power it needs by verifying the AC breaker is in the ‘ON’ position. Sometimes, a simple flick of a switch can solve the issue and get your AC running again.
  2. Examine the Isolator: Next, move to the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Locate the isolator switch, typically positioned nearby. Make sure it’s in the ‘ON’ position. This switch plays a crucial role in supplying power to your unit. A quick check here could be the key to re-establishing your cool indoor oasis.
  3. Check the Remote Control Batteries: Believe it or not, one of the most common culprits behind air conditioning problems is often overlooked – flat batteries in the AC remote control. Before you panic, inspect the remote and replace the batteries if needed. It’s a small effort that could save you from an unnecessary service call.

Remember, if you’ve gone through these steps and your air conditioner still refuses to cooperate, don’t fret. Our team of skilled Air Conditioning Technicians is always ready to step in, inspect, test, diagnose, and efficiently repair your A/C unit.

Contact Us Today: Ready to get your AC back in action? Reach out via the “Message Us” button below or contact one of the Aircool Industries team at 07 4767 7166. Our experts are standing by to inspect, test, diagnose, and repair your air conditioning unit swiftly and efficiently.

Before calling in the professionals, take a moment to troubleshoot your air conditioning system with these simple checks. It could be as easy as flipping a switch or changing a battery. If all else fails, you can count on Aircool Industries to provide expert assistance and get your air conditioner running smoothly once again. Stay cool, Townsville!

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