Hire Agreement

Once we’ve  received the completed Hire Agreement we will check availability of your selections and forward you a copy of the Hire Contract along with an Invoice for payment to confirm your booking.


  • Cool room to be turned on at least 24hrs prior to event. Rooms will take a minimum of 3hrs to pull down to temperature (empty and without opening door.)
  • When loading with goods ensure gaps are left between products and away from walls. This will help air circulate and room to cool more efficiently.

Special Conditions Specific to the Hire Equipment

  1. Mobile cool room is to be in clean working order (as received) at the end of the hire period and upon pick up / return of trailer. Fees and charges will apply.
  2. Any damage sustained to the mobile cool room during the hire period is the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer agrees to reimburse the owner for any loss or damages that may occur during the hire period.
  3. Mobile cool rooms are not to be towed loaded with stock or equipment.
  4. Any out of town limits hire is to be made known by the hirer at the time of booking.
  5. Mobile cool rooms are not to be towed on unsealed roads.
  6. Hitch lock is to be fitted during the hire period.
  7. Trailer brake is to be used when unhitched.
  8. Trailer legs/stabilisers are to be used during the hire period.